You Are Energy


You Are Energy

The You Are Energy Series is a basic introduction for those looking to explore the power we have to change our bodies and transform our health. Throughout this series you will learn about the human energy field and how it influences and creates our health. You will also learn how the energy field can break down causing fatigue, pain and illness and the most effective ways to support and enhance the human energy field. Amy will be discussing the different energy healing modalities and why meditation is so important for both health coaches and their clients. Lastly, Amy will be addressing why it can be so difficult for some clients to make larger changes in their lives, as well as the tools that are necessary to avoid feeling drained after working with clients. Ultimately, this series will lead to a greater awareness and understanding of your self, your health and what is possible in healing.

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Amy Stark
Amy Stark

About Amy Stark

About Amy Stark:

Amy Stark is a catalyst! She ignites massive transformation in clients by helping them to remove and rewrite the parts of their energetic body that are creating and perpetuating their symptoms and dis-ease.

By reading a client’s energy signature, then sharing what she sees and how it relates to their current physical state, Amy is able to assist clients in releasing old patterns of thinking, upgrade their energy, and restore a sense of peace, balance and purpose.

Amy is a trained Reiki Master and Reconnective Healer, has a bachelors degree in Psychology, a Masters in Education, is a licensed massage therapist, and specializes in working with people with Lyme Disease and Parkinson’s. She offers classes and training videos on the energy body, as well as individual, group, and distance energy healing sessions. Her website is You can also find her at Stark Transformation on Facebook and Instagram, and Starktweet on Twitter.